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Welcome to Year 6 

Teaching Team

Class Teacher: Miss Shevaun Bentley
Teaching Assistant: Miss Samantha Munday

Year 6 is a very important year for our children as they reach the final year of their primary school journey and prepare for the transition to secondary education.

As the oldest pupils in the school, we expect Year 6 to act as role models to the rest of the children in the school and demonstrate the school values at all times.  Our expectations are high, but we are confident that every child is capable of rising to the challenges presented by Year 6 and all adults will be there to support them every step of the way. 

Our Learning

Within class, we follow the Year 6 National Curriculum and use this to set sequenced and standardised objectives across all subjects. Knowledge and skills are deliberately mapped to ensure cumulative fluency and progression across the Year 6  journey. These skills set the foundations for our learning, but are implemented through engaging mini-missions, which allow the children to explore the world around them by becoming Geographers/Scientists... 


Autumn Term


During this mini mission, Year 6 will carry out an in-depth study of the Ancient Egyptian civilisation. 

They will explore the following key questions:

  • Who were the Egyptians and when did they live?

  • What was life like for the ancient Egyptians?

  • How did the Ancient Egyptians travel and trade?

  • How and why did the Egyptians build pyramids?

  • Why did the Egyptians mummify people?

  • Who was Tutankhamun and why is he significant?

  • What remains of Ancient Egypt today? How reliable are the findings of Egyptologists?

  • What was happening in the world during the time of Ancient Egypt?

We are Mathematicians!

At Five Spires we follow the White Rose Schemes of Learning. We believe that all children can make strong, secure and real progress, no matter their starting points. The small steps within each unit support this. See below for the Year 6 long term plan. 


End of Year Expectations

In the summer term of Year 6, all pupils in England take national assessments – known as SATs. They will sit tests in:

  • Reading

  • Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

  • Maths

Children’s writing will also be assessed at this time, although this is not via a formal test. Rather children’ writing from across the year will be assessed to see if children have met the end of Year 6 expectations.

The tests themselves will be marked externally but your child’s marks will be used in conjunction with teacher assessment to give a broader picture of their attainment. These tests are designed so that children’s progress from the end of KS1 to KS2 can be monitored and the data will be used by the children’s new high school to help guide them on the children’s current ability. They might highlight areas where children are struggling but also where children are making advanced progress so may need further challenge in high school.


As a school, the children’s emotional well-being is what we have at heart and we strive to ensure that children don’t feel pressured, overwhelmed or anxious about the SATs year. Instead we encourage the children to always strive to do their best, be confident in their abilities and take pride in their work.


Moving from primary to secondary school can be an exciting but nonetheless daunting time for both parents and children.  Talking through the issues and concerns with your child can build their confidence and give them support in coping with the worries they may be experiencing.

Many parents/carers feel anxious when their child starts school, but try not to let it show.  Remember that schools work really hard to help your child settle in.  You may feel conflicting emotions: proud that your child is growing up and at the same time sad that their primary school days are over, this is perfectly normal.

Across the year, we will be making contact with the high schools and liaising with them for transition.  Children will have the opportunity to visit their chosen school, and secondary schools have lots of strategies in place to help children to settle over this time.

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