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Five Spires Primary Academy

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Hello and welcome.

I am passionate about being a headteacher at Five Spires and feel very privileged to be welcomed into this happy, thriving school that sits at the heart of Lichfield.

We are very lucky at our school to have a highly experienced and dedicated team of staff who care deeply about nurturing and encouraging your children to achieve their very best. I am looking forward to working closely with them to develop us as a strong and motivated team who will support, in partnership with you and our governors, all the children in our care to achieve their full potential.

I strongly believe in providing the children with exciting, creative and meaningful learning experiences, which build their enthusiasm for learning and help them to grow and develop positively in a variety of ways.

My vision is that Five Spires is an inclusive, happy, confident and successful school community.  I want to foster a culture that is positive and forward looking, respects and listens, is supportive and strives for excellence.

We celebrate diversity, have pride in ourselves and aim to create an inspirational learning environment, aspiring to high achievement, creativity and innovation for all.

Our drive for excellence places children at the heart of everything we do, with a strong commitment to ensure we work in partnership towards the same goal of success and achievement for every child.

I will continue to work closely with members of our school community, the REAch2 family and outside agencies to realise this vision.

You can be assured that as Headteacher, I will strive to create the best education for all.

Thank you for your continued support

Very best wishes,

Diane Raftery