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Governing Body

Governance at Five Spires Academy

Our school, like all the schools in the Trust, has a local governing body (LGB).
There is a scheme of delegation, which details how the LGB should work. The LGB hold meetings during the year in which they help to support the school, its leadership and pupils whilst challenging to make sure that everyone achieves as much progress as they should.

Our school’s LGB is made up of 4 trust-appointed members, who are volunteers, two parents, two staff and the Headteacher. Governors are drawn from different parts of the community which helps to ensure that the governing body has sufficient diversity of views and experience. They can invite other members of staff into meetings to discuss current issues. You can find out about our governors in our ‘Meet the Governors’ section below. All governors are required to declare that they are working for the school in an open and honest way and so fill in a declaration of interests forms which can also be found below.

The LGB also works alongside a regional board where region-wide issues are discussed. The Regional Board is made up of volunteers, just like a LGB, with Headteachers and chairs of governors. There is also a team of regional officers, led by the Regional Director. They provide support to the schools in finance, HR, estates and governance.

The school governors are committed to school welfare and improvement. In consultation with the Headteacher and other staff, their main responsibilities are to:

  • Set aims and agree policies, targets and objectives for the school
  • Support and challenge decisions
  • Help determine the ethos of the school
  • Agree how to spend the school budget
  • Appoint new Headteachers and assist in the recruitment of other staff
  • How does the governing body work?
  • There are normally three meetings a year which involve the full governing body.

They are provided with reports from the Headteacher, other members of staff and from the various committees about the work they have been doing. They ask questions, make decisions, comment on proposals, offer advice and act as a sounding board for ideas. The governing body objective is always to arrive at the best solution for the school.

If you would like to contact our Chair of Governors please email: [email protected]

Our School Governing Body is made up of the following members:

Parent Governors

Mrs Joviane Williams (Health & Safety)
Mr Amit Kanabar

Trust Appointed Governors

Mr Richard Chambers (Finance & Grants)
Mr David Adams (Chair of Governors – Safeguarding & Curriculum)

Co-opted Governors

Mr Stuart Agates (SEND & Inclusion)

Staff Governors:

Mrs Sharon Motorny


Mr Peter Davies