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Year 1
Oliver Jeffers Class

Welcome to our class page!

Class Teacher: Mrs Amy Graham

Teaching Assistant: Miss Cherie Lockley

Here, you can find out what we are currently learning.

You will also find links to additional home learning opportunities and games!

Our current Mini-mission

Hero Hunters!

We will have great fun completing this mini-mission! Using superheroes as a stimulus, we will develop our knowledge of the school grounds and our local area.

Below you will find a brief overview of our learning within different subjects:

Geography: Using aerial photos and maps, we will develop our locational language to help locate different superheroes. We will have an introduction to the 7 continents and 5 oceans, using an atlas to locate them and fun songs to help us remember their names.

Art & DT: We will be developing our sculpting skills during our Art lessons and will create our own superhero sculptures, using a variety of materials. In D&T, we will be designing and making our own 3D maps of the school.

Science: We will be learning about the human body, understanding our different body parts and their functions. We will label the body and then begin to explore the five senses.

English: We will be learning about instructions and identifying their key features. Using Miss Bossy to help us, we will learn about imperative verbs and understand how these can help us to write clear instructions. Further into the half term, we will be learning about adjectives and will use these to describe our very own superheroes.

Maths: This half term, we will be learning about Place Value (within 10). We will use concrete resources like ten frames, counters and number tracks to help us understand the value of numbers within 10. Using this knowledge, we will then solve problems and develop our mathematical reasoning. In Year 1, we love to develop our 'noticing' skills. This helps us to support Tiny when he makes mistakes!

Computing: Online safety is our key focus this term. We will be working together to understand how to stay safe online, as well as understanding who we can talk to if we are concerned. In addition to this, we will also be learning how to login to the school laptops and will be exploring Purple Mash.

RE: This half term, we will be learning about Christianity and will be answering the question 'Does God want Christians to look after the World?'. To help us answer this, we will be learning about the Creation Story. 


Click to download the Hero Hunters knowledge organiser...

Class Newsletter

Every Friday, we will sit together as a class and reflect on our week of learning. We will create a class newsletter to share our learning and experiences with parents/carers. 


Click the image below to access our class Padlet.



At Five Spires we follow the Read Write Inc. phonics programme.

Every day the children receive dynamic and systematic teaching adapted to their current attainment.

Each lesson consists of speed sounds, reading comprehension and writing.

You can find out more information about the programme as well as access free ebooks on the Oxford Owl website.

RWI Logo.jpg

Enjoy one of the fun games on Phonics Play for free!

A great way to apply known sounds in real and alien words.


Join in the reading adventure at Teach Your Monster to Read.


Try out some of the free games over at Phonics Bloom too.


When we spell words, we use our Fred fingers and the sounds we know.

At school, we might use a sound mat like this to help us.

We also learn how to spell red words by playing games like these.

Screenshot 2020-04-24 at 13.30.43.png
set 2 and set 3 sound mat.jpg
set 1 sound mat.jpg


At Five Spires we follow the White Rose Schemes of Learning. We believe that all children can make strong, secure and real progress, no matter their starting points. The small steps within each unit support this. Our progression can be found on the White Rose Maths website.


Join in with some of our favourite maths songs! 

Download the document for the links.

Improve your number recall by playing Hit the Button!

We know our number bonds to 10 and 20 and our doubles!


We love CBeebies Numberblocks! They have lots of great videos, songs and games to support mathematical understanding!

Watch your favourite episodes on iPlayer!


Click on the numbers below for the rhymes we use to help us form them correctly!


You can download all the rhymes here:

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