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Read Write Inc. Spelling

At Five Spires Academy, we use the Read, Write Inc. Spelling scheme throughout                                                         year 2 – 6. Year 1 have a tailored spelling scheme which is based around the                                                                       same concept as the RWInc Spelling scheme.

Read Write Inc. Spelling is a 15 / 20 -minute-a-day programme for Years 2 to 6. The programme runs on a two week cycle per unit, consisting of four sessions per week (eight in total per unit)

Using a proven approach underpinned by phonics, fast–paced lessons and an online subscription, Read Write Inc. Spelling prepares children for the higher demands of the statutory spelling assessments in England.

How does each unit run?

Each session begins with a speed sound quick recall.

Session one: focuses on a rapid recall of the previous units spelling to consolidate their learning. This session then introduces the new sound / spelling rule for the unit through a short video. This is then followed with a spelling zone activity.

Session two: Dots and Dashes activity

Session three: Rapid Recap and Word Changers activity (focussing on prefixes and suffixes)

Session four: Words to log and learn

* Children to look through last two activities (dots and dashes and word changers)

* Children to pick 6 tricky words and circle the tricky part of the word

* Children to discuss why they are tricky and come up with strategies to remember them, e.g. rapping, mnemonic, giving it character, say it how it is

* Log the words in books

Session five: Dictation (Partner work – Children read sentences to each other and peer assess each others spellings)

Session six: Four in row (A game that tests spellings that the children play against each other)

Session seven: Choose the right word (Teaching children how to apply spellings into contexts) and Team Teach (Children test each other on the units spellings)

Session eight: Spelling test

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