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Our Vision & Values

Our vision is for Five Spires Academy to be an inclusive, happy confident and successful school community which is positive and forward looking, respects and listens, is supportive and strives for excellence in all we do.

We celebrate diversity, have pride in ourselves and aim to create an inspirational learning environment, aspiring to high achievement, creativity and innovation for all.

Our drive for excellence places children at the heart of everything we do, with a strong commitment to ensure we work in partnership towards the same goal of success and achievement for every child.

The Five Spires Curriculum

Through the teaching of the National Curriculum and the wider school curriculum we aim to:

  • Sustain high standards and progress in all subjects with a focus in English and Maths

  • Provide inclusive and challenging educational experiences through innovative teaching and learning to ensure all children make the best progress they can.

  • Raise achievement in all areas of school life through the provision of a creative, motivating and relevant curriculum that embeds a global perspective, a lifelong love of learning, promotes strong values and skills for life.

Our inspirational curriculum is underpinned by our core learning values which will support the development of skills to equip the children for their future in an ever-changing world.

The Five Spires Learning Values are:

Responsibility: children will be able to take responsibility for their own learning, show independence and aspire to be the very best they can.

Relationships: children will show their ability to work collaboratively, be able to show empathy and build strong relationships with the whole school community.

Risk-Taking: all children will show that they are not afraid to have a go and take a risk, learn from making mistakes and be eager to take on new challenges.

Resilience: children will be able to demonstrate that they can see a task through to the end, overcome adversity and keep trying until they succeed.

Remarkable: children will show pride in and recognise their own achievements and talents, challenge themselves to be even better, show confidence and be able to support others in their learning.

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