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Online Safety


With more children than ever having access to the internet, it is crucial that we understand how to protect our children online. At the heart of this is helping children to understand how to protect themselves and manage the risks that they face when online. Below you will find some of the learning the children have done in school to help raise awareness of these.


We have also put together a series of links to websites that can provide you and your child with all the information you need to stay safe online.


parent updates 2020-2021


Among Us

The latest child craze online is a game called  'Among Us'.  This game is a PEGI 7 rating and extremely popular with primary children.


The concerns are around the online chat and the accessibility to allow strangers to play and communicate via the Chat Option to children.  Even with the option to access games with passwords the “host” can change to a public game at any time which parents may not be aware of.    This VT sets out exactly what parents and children should be looking out for to ensure we keep them safe online. 


With this type of game, education to children is as important as to the parents and we hope you find this information useful.  

Click the link below for an informative parent video to 'Among Us' by Netangel.


Among Us a parents guide - YouTube.

Cunch-Line Chronicles

Another  game for all parents to be aware of due to serious content and safety concerns is Cunch-Line Chronicles.

Cunch-Line Chronicles is a simple 2-dimensional game which promises

users a realistic depiction of ‘London gang life’.  The game draws on

themes such as UK gang culture, drug running, police chases, and

trap houses (places were drugs are stored). Users essentially run

through areas, jump over obstacles, deliver and collect drugs and

escape police.

‘Cunch’ is a slang word for County, so the game is said to be based on the ‘County Lines’ phenomenon. The game was released in 2020 and has become popular with many young people throughout the UK.

The game is free to download onto any android or Apple device and is called 'Cunch-Line Chronicles'. The games focus is on running your own County Lines 'Cunch' Operation and has been rated Pegi-18.

The full description of the game states: A light-hearted, satirical take on the darker side of urban UK culture. This is not your usual casual game! Cunch-Line Chronicles is an endless 2D runner game that moves away from the common fantasised, softcore concept and leads more towards the gritty reality of life while keeping a comedic factor.

Due to the concerning nature of the game, and many reviews from young people stating the game had provided them with "valuable information on how to run their own Cunch Line", the National County Lines Co-ordination Centre are investigating if any action can be taken to remove the game from app stores.

This game could be an indicator that an individual is at risk of exploitation. Should you be concerned that a child or young person is being exploited, please contact the Staffordshire Safeguarding Team on 0800 131 3126 or the Safeguarding Advice Line on: 01785 895836.

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Cunch Line Chronicles Game.JPG

Tuesday 11th February

Safer Internet Day 2020

Every year at Five Spires Academy, we celebrate Safer Internet Day. This day is designed to empower our pupils to take control of their digital lives. This year the theme is 'Together for a Better Internet'.

To launch Safer Internet Day, Mrs Graham delivered an assembly to the school which discussed the risks the children may face and ways in which they can keep themselves and others safe. Below is a video which highlights some of these issues:

All pupils from Nursery up to Year 4 have taken part in various activities and you will find examples of their amazing work below!

amazing work coming soon.jpg

Useful Information

In this section, you will find resources which may support you and your child at home. You will also find a list of useful websites which you will find further information and support about current risks online.


Smartie the penguin has wonderful stories to share with the children in EYFS and KS1. He introduces the children to risks online and provides a great way to discuss these with your child. Below you will find a link to the website where you can download these stories and other great resources:


Safer Internet Day 2020

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Here you will find lots more information about Safer Internet Day which may support you and your child at home.

The Thinkuknow website provides parents and children of all ages with the information that they need to stay safe online.

Through the Childnet website, parents and carers can find invaluable information concerning online safety. Childnet resources will help you to understand the issues, set up parental controls on the internet services in your home and even provide conversation starters to help you talk about online safety with your child. 

Because it is difficult to keep up to date with all the latest in social media and online gaming, the NSPCC has developed the net aware tool. If you follow this link and type in the name of any social media site, net aware will tell you all you need to know about it.

Hector's World is a series of fun and engaging cartoons that teach 5-7 year old children all about how to stay safe online.

CEOP is a national crime agency. If you have any serious concerns regarding the online safety of your child, you can click this link to make a formal report.

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