Our Curriculum

Curriculum Aim:

Through the teaching of the National Curriculum and the wider school curriculum we aim to:

  • Sustain high standards of learning and progress in all subjects

  • Provide inclusive and challenging educational experiences through innovative teaching and learning to ensure all children make the best progress they can and to fulfil every aspect of their potential

  • Raise achievement in all areas of school life through the provision of a creative, motivating and relevant curriculum that embeds a global perspective, a lifelong love of learning and promotes strong values and skills for life.

  • Foster a lifelong love of learning to help every child grow into an effective citizen, ready to play their part in their community and the world.




Our Curriculum:

The curriculum is carefully planned and sequenced to ensure that pupils learn through a range of exciting themes and projects that we have titled ‘Learning Adventures’.  A ‘stunning start’ launches the learning and hooks the children from the very beginning.  These ‘Learning Adventures’ that the children go on cover all subjects and are captured in one book. They allow for clear coverage of the National Curriculum evidenced in the schools’ curriculum coverage grid.

The focus for our Learning Adventures is to provide contextualised, purposeful learning that develops ‘life skills’ so that children are ‘secondary’ ready by the time they leave. The journeys in learning foster the development of writers, mathematicians, artists, designers, historians and geographers etc.

Teaching and learning is underpinned by cognitive challenge. Teachers use the model of ‘Basic, Advancing, Deep’ to ensure differentiation is appropriate and does not place a glass ceiling on learning for any child, no matter their ability or needs.

Differentiation occurs through careful and strategic task matching and questioning where staff create the correct conditions for learning by delivering learning centred around an Essential Learning Objective which provides opportunities for depth of learning.

The learning environment is designed in way that engages and inspires children; it is linked to current learning and language rich to support the children’s vocabulary, oracy and writing development throughout the Learning Adventure.

The design of our curriculum ensures that cross-curricular links drive the Learning Adventure in a purposeful and contextualised way: In all our Learning Adventures these cross-curricular links offer a creative way to develop children's knowledge, skills and understanding while motivating them to learn through stimulating, interconnected topics. Each Learning Adventure crosses subject boundaries thus allowing for investigations that engage children's imagination. It also gives teachers opportunities to encourage active enquiry, taking the initiative, and discussion and debate by children.

Long term plans and coverage grids ensure that pupils receive their entitlement to the whole primary curriculum. They map the curriculum for the school over a whole year and are shared with all stakeholders.

Links between subjects are real and not contrived so that they make sense to the children.  Obvious links are harnessed between subjects and areas.  This interwoven approach does not dilute the learning.   Each Learning Adventure has clearly identified main subject drivers for progress as well as end goals (planning with the end in mind); these provide the framework and key focus whilst cross-curricular opportunities are rightly maximised.  Knowledge, skills and understanding is built up over time to ensure long-term retention as children have the opportunity to practice and rehearse their learning over time.  Connections between concepts provide the basis for progression.

Long Term Curriculum Overview - Year 1 to Year 4

Long Term Plans - EYFS

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Remote Learning Contingency Plan


Coronavirus continues to be prevalent in the UK and, whilst this situation remains ongoing, Five Spires Academy will endeavor to respond robustly to the challenges it poses to the education of our children.

The school and the REAch2 Academy Trust, will continue to adhere to the latest government, and public health guidelines to minimise the spread of the virus.


We truly hope our Fives Spires community stays well. Just to be prepared in case anyone does need to self-isolate and will not be in school for a short period of time, we wanted to explain what will happen and how your child will continue with their education. Firstly, the well-being of your family is the most important thing and we hope that you all remain well both physically and mentally. If you are asked to self-isolate, we do understand that this will be a worrying time. We are still here for you and can be contacted in the normal ways.

What to expect if my child needs to self-isolate

Your child will be able to access the self-isolating learning using their Teams account. All Key Stage 1 and 2 children have log-ins and have been accessing homework through Teams. (Please note that EYFS will have access to learning via Class Dojo).

If you require any assistance with Teams please follow our help guides - see the links at the bottom of this page. 


Teachers will provide work that corresponds to their peers and where appropriate, will share links, recordings or PDFs of flipcharts to support home learning. We appreciate that it is unlikely you will have all the manipulatives and resources that we have in school, but please use what you have at home to substitute. 

Please remember that during self-isolation this will mean that your child should:

• Not go to school or any public places and not use public transport or taxis.
• Not go out to get food or medicine; order it online, or by phone, or ask someone to bring it to your home.
• Not have visitors in their home, including friends and family, except for people providing essential care.
• Not go out to exercise; exercise at home or in your garden, if you have one.

Covid-19 Contingency Plan in the event of Bubble or School Closure

At Five Spires Academy we have put in place a contingency plan designed to minimise disruption to teaching

and learning, in the event of future lockdowns.

Technology to Support Home Learning - Office 365 & Teams

From September 2020, all staff and pupils will have access to Office 365 and the interactive facility of ‘ Microsoft Teams’.


In the event of a bubble closure, school closure, local or national lockdown:


  • All parents will receive a letter via email to communicate the situation.

  • Teachers will ensure all pupils and parents have the appropriate logins to access work on Teams.

  • Teachers and parents will alert the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) to any pupils without access to technology at home so that remedial action can be taken e.g. loan of laptop or i-pad or printable packs of learning.

  • Teachers will upload learning onto Teams. Work will be uploaded into clearly labelled and dated folders for ease of navigation.

  • Teachers will provide a live or recorded introduction to key lessons via Teams, with clear modelled examples of the work expected.  Where possible, worksheets will be kept to a minimum. 

  • Teachers will take into account the different needs of their pupils, including those pupils with SENd, when providing home learning.

  • A weekly well-being check in will act as a ‘live touch point’ with each class.  This will take place via Teams and links shared with parents.

  • Teachers will respond to parent queries within 1 week, unless there are mitigating circumstances e.g. illness

  • Teachers will provide links to recommended online resources to support parents and carers.

  • All pupils will be given a ‘Home Learning’ exercise book to use at home.


Please note that in the event of a lockdown, It will not be possible for teachers to provide live teaching across the whole day in the event of a lockdown. This is because teachers working from home during a lockdown will have other family members present that could make this inappropriate; however, short videos or live introductions to learning will be provided for each lesson to support pupils.  These will be provided using the Teams facility. 


Where this is not possible, alternative solutions to learning will be given, so parents can effectively support their children at home: for example, Oak National Academy online learning (https://www.thenational.academy/); or, online resources for home education from the DfE (https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-online-education-resources).


Parent Guide to Using Microsoft Teams

Parent Guide to using Microsoft Teams




Parent Guide to Remote Education




Microsoft Teams Parent Support videos by Netangel.org

“Microsoft TEAMs Support” are videos that cover how to set up Teams on different userfaces, logging in and out numerous TEAMs accounts on the same device, navigation of the App itself and lots more.    





Parent Consent for Remote Learning

It is essential that parents / carers complete a Parental Consent Form for Online Sessions as part of our safeguarding procedure.  This will be sent to parents via Forms in the event of a bubble or school closure. 

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