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Coronavirus - Current Information


Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance

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Managing Risk - REAch2

As part of our school and Trust response to COVID-19, rigorous risk assessment processes have been undertaken to provide the Trust's Exectutive Team and Trustees with assurance that school is safe to open.


Trust Non-negotiables:

In line with the Trust’s health and safety policy:

  • There are appropriate staff (in number and type) available for work to ensure the safety and well-being of the children on site and learning from home.

  • Social distancing can be maintained so far as is reasonably practicable by the number of parents, staff and pupils on site at any time.

  • The school site is fully compliant with Health and Safety legislation and can be maintained to a high standard of cleanliness once opened.

  • There are adequate cleaning materials, soap/hand gels available to maintain safe hygiene practices whilst the school is open with personal, protective equipment (PPE) for those staff required to carry out intimate care for a pupil.

Trust Requirements:

  • The opening of each school must be phased and appropriate to the school’s individual circumstances.

  • Leaders must ensure that the safeguarding of children in school and at home is maintained to the highest standard.

  • Leaders must ensure that the mental well-being of all staff and pupils is appropriately cared for.

  • Leaders must ensure that all children in attendance at school or working from home are receiving the minimum of a core curriculum for at least part or all of the school day.

  • As part of the Trust’s rigorous risk assessment process, a suite of documents have been completed by schools and assessed and approved by Deputy Directors of Education, Directors of Education, Heads of Estates and Health, Safety & Wellbeing and the Executive Team to support the decision to approve re-opening.

When a REach2 schools opens it means that it has satisfied in all areas that the school is as safe as can reasonably be expected (please click each link to see the template):


• Template Risk Management Plan

• Pupil Capacity Template

• Staff Capacity Template

We are currently following the guidance issued by the Government with regards to social distancing.

What this looks like in school:

We are applying the following guidelines:

  • avoiding contact with anyone displaying symptoms

  • setting up clear regimens and routines for handwashing

  • cleaning hands more often than usual – following the protocol to wash hands thoroughly for 20 seconds with running water and soap and dry them or use alcohol hand rub or sanitiser

  • ensuring good respiratory hygiene by promoting the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach

  • cleaning frequently touched surfaces

  • setting up a one-way system around school - both inside and outside the building

  • phased drop off and collection times

  • pupils remaining within a group or ‘bubble’ to reduce contact with others

  • staggering playtimes and lunchtimes to minimise contact and contamination

staff are supporting children to follow the social distancing principles as far as this is reasonably practicable; however, please note that with younger children this is far harder and we cannot guarantee this at all times 

Government Guidance

The Government guidelines state:

We know that, unlike older children and adults, early years and primary age children cannot be expected to remain 2 metres apart from each other and staff. In deciding to bring more children back to early years and schools, we are taking this into account.


Schools should therefore work through the hierarchy of measures set out above:


  • avoiding contact with anyone with symptoms

  • frequent hand cleaning and good respiratory hygiene practices

  • regular cleaning of settings

  • minimising contact and mixing

In addition to this staff will also utilise:

Softer activities / stories and PSHE will support the children to help them to understand the ‘new normal’

Use of PPE for any staff member carrying our Intimate Care or First Aid or for any suspected symptoms of COVID-19.


As our school and the wider community begins to recover, school will work with our children and families to reestablish confidence and routines.  We will of course continue to be led by the latest Government guidance as to what those routines need to look like in the shadow of a pandemic: for example, future changes to social distancing.

Advice from Public Health England

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