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Home Learning Activities

If your child has a SEND need or EHCP some of these activities will be really useful for you to try at home. Under each area of need there is a whole host of PDF activities and worksheets to support the learning. Click on the document headings and you will find instructions, ideas and hyperlinks to relevant websites.

SEND apps and games

Brain Parade


Description: a visual instruction app, including flash cards and picture-choosing games, for children with autism and special needs.




Description: a collection of games and resources designed for a range of educational needs and stages. It includes provision for school closure.


Sensory App House Ltd


Description: a range of apps are available for pupils with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD) or Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD). All are interactive and many do not require significant coordination abilities.




Description: an all-in-one app created to support people with communication and learning difficulties. For verbal and non-verbal learners.

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