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Statement of Intent Computing


E-Safety        Information Technology       Digital Literacy        Computer Science


Who is the Five Spires Computer Scientist?

We strive for all of our pupils to leave Five Spires Academy being digitally literate by continuously developing their thinking and creativity to understand the ever-evolving technology in their world.

           Our teaching of computer science develops pupils’ understanding of algorithms, programs, and logical reasoning to design, write and debug programs which achieve particular objectives. The children will be taught to strategically solve problems and use logical reasoning to explain how simple algorithms work, whilst also being able to detect and correct errors in algorithms and programs.

Through our computer science curriculum, pupils build up a body of key knowledge about e-safety which supports them to stay safe online whilst using technology respectfully and responsibly. Our pupils will be taught how to recognise unacceptable content and behaviour and will be able to identify a range of ways to report their concerns.

           Pupils at Five Spires Academy will be taught to use technology to create, organise, store, manipulate and retrieve digital content. They will develop an understanding of how to use search engines effectively, appreciating how results are selected and ranked.  Throughout all Key Stages, pupils will be taught and encouraged to select and use a variety of technology, design software and create a range of programs, systems and content which achieve a given goal.

           At Five Spires Academy, we strive for all pupils to recognise common uses of information technology beyond school life. We plan a range of experiences, set in meaningful contexts to support our pupils to in developing their understanding of computer networks and enable them to recognise opportunities for collaboration and communication.


Whole School Curriculum Map - Computing

Subject Sequence - Computing

We are Computer Scientists!


Technology is ever-evolving and is becoming more advanced and used throughout the world for many purposes. In EYFS, pupils engage with technology to enhance their learning, both within adult-led activities and within the wider continuous provision. 

In both Nursery and Reception, pupils are encouraged to use technology for many different purposes. For example, in role play areas and reading areas. Pupils have regular access to iPads and are taught how to use the Purple Mash 'Mini-Mash' software. In addition to this, Bee-Bots and remote control cars are used to introduce coding and pupils begin to understand how to make these different resources move.


Year 1

In Year 1, pupils are introduced to formal Computing lessons. In the Autumn Term, pupils learn how to use the laptops and focus on logging on. In addition to this, pupils learn about the importance of online safety and begin to understand about the dangers of using different technology. Pupils then begin to understand ways to keep themselves safe online. They use characters such as Smartie the Penguin and Digi-Duck to learn this in an age-appropriate way.

During the Spring term, pupils then begin to explore Purple Mash in more depth, learning about '2Dos' and beginning to explore the different software available. As the term progresses, pupils learn about 'data' and understand that this can be represented in the form of a pictogram. Using Purple Mash software, pupils learn how to make their own pictograms. Through the 'Lego Builders' unit, pupils then learn the importance of using instructions and following them accurately. This helps them to understand algorithms and supports them to organise instructions effectively to achieve an end result.


Year 2

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