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11 Before 11

At Five Spires Academy we are proud to be a member of the Reach2 Academy Trust. Across our broad and diverse range of schools there is huge diversity. Although this is very much welcomed, it also stimulates a range of life challenges for the young people we support. For example, some of our children will have very little chance to spend time in the countryside, others will never have the opportunity to experience different countries and cultures, similarly many will never consider engaging with the arts.

11 BEFORE 11 is our promise to all children across the REAch2 family: 11 exceptional experiences that will inspire and challenge our children. Everything we do is about helping children develop the character traits that will help them thrive as they graduate from Primary School and move on to the next phase of their education. We want every child to leave us with the ability to engage fully with the challenges of a secondary school life; both the curriculum but also the day-to-day reality of growing up and starting to discover who they are, what they are passionate about and what they are capable of. 


10 Good Deeds 

Being part of a caring community from an early age helps children appreciate that giving and supporting others can make their lives more enjoyable and rewarding. Seeing other people benefit from kind gestures will be immeasurable. Through the delivery of 10 good deeds, we want all our children to identify what is needed in their local communities and to work with their peers, parents and neighbours to bring these activities to life. 


Make/Break a REAch2 Record 

Throughout life, children will face many challenges, some of which will be in competitive environments. It is important that all our pupils have the confidence and skills to tackle these challenges and the opportunities to appreciate and enjoy the feelings of success in relation to their efforts. The delivery of make or break a record is designed to stretch our pupils’ imagination. 


Seeds to Supper 

A good diet is key to a healthy life. We want all children to understand how food is grown and how tasty fresh food is to eat, to understand the nutritional value of food and what makes a good healthy diet. We want children to try new foods and be curious and inquisitive about the foods of different cultures. Having grown their own food it’s important that children also have the skills and confidence to prepare their own meals. 

Perfect a Pitch

We feel giving children the opportunity to build entrepreneurial skills from a young age is of huge importance. Learning about what goes into creating a product from concept to costings to promotion and delivery are invaluable and give children a chance to develop life skills in preparation for adulthood. 'Perfect a Pitch' is a chance to make real life purposeful curriculum links with Maths, writing and design and technology and gives children a platform to learn about profit, loss, marketing, packaging and promotion. It also develops speaking and listening skills as the children will present their product and create a meaningful pitch with an actual outcome for their efforts. This promise creates links with local businesses who will listen to the pitches, decide a winner and agree to sell the product for the financial benefit of both the business and the school.


Create Something Amazing 

This promise will give our children the opportunity to design and create something that will challenge and develop their aspirations. From creating something like a large sculpture as a whole school project, or developing a film or an app. This promise is something that will last a long time and could create a legacy in the school for years to come. 


Messing Around on the Water 

Being confident in and around water is a vital life skill. In addition to keeping children safe it also unlocks a world of exciting opportunities and challenges. Through our Messing About on the Water promise, we want children to have the opportunity to experience new activities and test themselves in ways they might not have imagined. 

Culture Vulture

Within our communities, there is so much talent that we can go seek out and find. Every city, town and village will have unique, cultural experiences at their fingertips- if we only reach out and explore. This is precisely what the Culture Vulture promise is for. Like the vulture scanning from the skies looking for its next meal, let's go hunting for new cultural experiences for our children close by. From the local choirs, orchestras, brass bands, amateur dramatic groups to cultural dance groups, pop-up galleries and museums and many, many more- a wealth of exciting, enlightening delights are waiting just around the corner for you to find. 

To hear a piece of classical music played live really is a wonderful life experience and many local musicians will relish the opportunity for a fresh audience to play to. Culture Vulture is designed to make meaningful community links bringing people from different backgrounds into our children's lives. Whether it's looking at a beautiful piece of art in a gallery or watching a dance from different culture- this promise is there to inspire and evoke passions.


Sleep Under the Stars 

Looking up at a starry night sky is probably one of the most magical things that children can do. At some point, we have all wondered what it would be like to go into space and wonder what exists beyond our planet. We want all REAch2 children to unlock their adventurous spirit and to be curious about our amazing universe. 


Hiking Heroes 

Many children may not get regular opportunities to adventure in the great outdoors or face the challenge of climbing to a mountain peak. Through our Hiking Heroes promise, we want children to engage in enjoyable and challenging experiences through the exhilaration of hiking as far, or as high, as possible. 


Shake it up Shakespeare 

All of Shakespeare's plays tell a story in an enlightening and absorbing manner, captivating the reader. Children of all ages can benefit from reading the works of this literary legend whilst inspiring them to gain knowledge about past histories and enhance their imaginations. Shakespeare is an important part of their secondary education. Gaining confidence with Shakespearian language and concepts at this early age will make future learning much easier.


Wildlife Warrior

 There has never been a clearer message to look after our planet than there is now and this can start in our own playgrounds, fields and gardens. Conservation for all living things is something that children should learn from a young age. Instilling a sense of responsibility for all the creatures we share this planet with can start with the simplest of tasks locally but come with the huge rewards of encouraging strong sense of self-awareness and reflection.  We want to deliberately inspire a fighting spirit for the planet within this generation of children; creating warriors ready to go into battle to save the habitats and environments around them with passion and vigour. 

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