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Enrichment & 11 B411

Please click here to learn more about REAch2's inspirational 11B411 programme.


Providing enriched experiences for all of the children at Five Spires Academy is at the heart of our curriculum. From Nursery until a child leaves at 11, our children are provided with a multitude of enriched opportunities as part of their daily diet.  These range from visitors, to trips to residential experience as well as cultural celebrations arranged across the school year ensuring cultural appreciation and diversity.

REAch2 Website - 11B411

11 B4 11

'11 Before 11' is an exciting, new concept for Five Spires Academy. REAch2 now have a trust-wide enrichment programme that aims to offer all pupils 11 amazing experiences before they leave primary school. Each year group will have the opportunity to complete at least one of the promises that children will experience by the time they turn 11. These include:


  1. 10 good deeds

  2. Create something amazing

  3. Cross a border

  4. Flashmob dance

  5. Hiking hero

  6. Make or break a REAch2 Record

  7. Messing about on the water

  8. Ride something huge

  9. Seeds to supper

  10. Shake it up Shakespeare

  11. Sleep under the stars



All of the promises support character trait development outlined in the DFE document ‘Promoting fundamental British Values’:

  • Neighbourliness and community spirit

  • Tolerance and respect

  • Motivation, drive and ambition

  • Perseverance, resilience and grit

  • Honesty, integrity and dignity

  • Conscientiousness, curiosity and focus

  • Confidence and optimism


You can now buy 11 Before 11 merchandise! 20% of every item bought will come back directly to Five Spires, which means we are able to offer more and more exciting opportunities for our children. Check out the website below to order hoodies, t-shirts, badges and more! 

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